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Welcome to Dr. Hugh Ross's Sunday School Class. The class is part of the Christ Church Sierra Madre adult Sunday school program.  We meet for refreshments and fellowship at 10:30.  Class begins at about 10:45 a.m with announcements (possibly earlier if more announcements or missionary reports are expected) and ends ~ 12:15 p.m. We now meet in Prichard Hall, 170 West Sierra Madre Blvd lower level. All are welcome. See announcement below.

Announcement:  Changes are in process on the website.  Currently the registration for e-mail and e-mail notifications are not functioning along with the Audio recording request.   Most of the audio recordings are now restored.  To contact the acting webmaster click here

Live Streaming

          There is live streaming of the class teaching which begins around 11:00am PDT. 

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Class Announcements:

Paradoxes Class is permenently moving to Prichard Hall in the lower level of Christ Church main building, 170 W Sierra Madre Blvd starting Sunday, April 14th.  The best access is through the main door off the parking lot behind the building.  This is the same location where the Sunday morning Skeptics Forums are held.

Past Events:

Skeptics Forum -  Was held February 24 & 25, 2019.  Next forum TBA

Special Series Recently Completed:

Dr. Robert Covolo teaching on C. S. Lewis in Paradoxes Class January 13th to February 17, 2019

This class is designed to give an overview of the writings of one of the most important Christian thinker of the 20th century C. S. Lewis. It is intended for both novices and those who have extensively read the works of C. S. Lewis.

Dr. Robert Covolo (PhD Vrije Universitate Amsterdam). Dr. Covolo has served as faculty at the Torrey Honors Institute (Biola University) and is currently the pastor or theological formation at Christ Church Sierra Madre.

  • January 13 -  “Who Was C.S. Lewis?” (Pilgrim’s Regress, Surprised By Joy)
  • January 20 -  “Lewis The Theologian” (The Weight of Glory/ The Screwtape Letters/The Great Divorce/Reflections on the Psalms/Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer)
  • January 27 -  “Lewis The Ethicist” (The Abolition of Man, The Four Loves, Good Work & Good Works, The Inner Ring)
  • February 3 -  “Lewis The Positive Apologist” (Mere Christianity, Miracles, Surprised by Joy)
  • February 10 - “Lewis The Negative Apologist” (The Problem of Pain, Til We Have Faces, A Grief Observed)
  • February 17 - “Lewis The Writer” (Chronicles of Narnia/Space Trilogy/Till We Have Faces/Poems)


Dr. Hugh Ross teaching an introductory coarse on science and faith January 13 to February 17, 2019

This series of classes is a basic introduction to science and faith intended for both the scientist and non scientist.  This class is a synthesis of presentations Dr Ross has presented at conferences and churches around the globe. 

  • January 13 - “Beyond the Cosmos” How science reveals God's trans-dimensional power
  • January 20 -  Dave Sargent gave a presentation on animals and the Bible.
  • January 27 - “Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ”
  • February 3 - “Testing Genesis with Advancing Science"
  • February 10 - “Origin of Physical Life"
  • February 17 - “Origin of Humans?"


       Skeptics Forum -  Was held February 24 & 25, 2019.  Next forum TBA


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Led by astronomer-pastor and prolific author Dr. Hugh Ross, Paradoxes class approaches Christian apologetics (the study of answering objections to the Bible or Christianity) with the tools of science, biblical theology, and well-reasoned thinking. Paradoxes class also sponsors periodic "Skeptics Forums" in which Christians, skeptics - anyone with questions about science, faith, and the Bible - can pose their toughest questions (or questions they've never heard answered before) to Dr. Ross and get straight, meaningful, and responsive answers. Both skeptics and believers are welcome to attend. Please join us!

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