Paradoxes Sunday School Class

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Paradoxes Class MP3 Audio Recordings 1997-2016

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Only old records here.

Date Speaker Subject
2/5/17 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes and Gen 1
1/29/2017 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes and Dark Matter
1/22/2017 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes
1/8/2017 Peter Demuth Exodus
1/18/ 2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Multiverse p1
1/18/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Multiverse p2
12/11/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes    
12/4/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes    
11/27/2016 Wes Ringer Bible Translation    
11/20/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes    
11/13/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes    
10/31/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Skeptics Forum Part 2    
10/31/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Skeptics Forum Part 1    
10/30/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Skeptics Forum Part 2    
10/30/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Skeptics Forum Part 1    
10/23/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Ecclesiastes    
10/16/2016 Mark Durham Exoplanets    
10/9/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Limits of Natural selection    
10/02/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D.      
9/25/2016 Dave Overview of Major World Religions Doc  
9/18/2016 Dave Cults - Handout-Doc
9/11/2016 Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Gifts of the Spirit
Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Gifts of the Spirit
8/28/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.  
8/21/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Gifts of the Spirit
7/31/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
7/24/2016Ross HoaglandParadoxes in the Bible
7/17/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
7/10/2016Ross HoaglandDoes your God Astound You?
7/3/2016Mark DurhamExoplanets
6/27/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/26/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/19/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
5/29/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
5/22/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
5/15/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
5/8/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
5/1/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
4/24/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
3/13/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
2/28/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
2/22/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
2/21/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
2/14/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Gravity wave detection, Ecclesiastes 4
2/7/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Exoplanets, Ecclesiastes 4
1/31/2016Dave SargentProphecies of Jesus Christ
1/24/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Chimpanzees and gut microbiome, Planet 9, Ecclesiastes 3
1/10/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Theory of relativity, gravitational lenses, young earth light travel time
1/3/2016Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Mastodons, Ecclesiastes 3
12/20/2015Mark PerezCritical thinking and logical fallacies (Part 3)
12/13/2015Mark PerezCritical thinking and logical fallacies (Part 2)
12/6/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ecclesiastes 2, Isaiah 22, scientific discoveries
11/29/2015Ross HoaglandCan people be saved who have never heard the name of Jesus? (Part 2)
11/15/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreach events, first brains
11/08/2015Ross HoaglandCan people be saved who have never heard the name of Jesus?
11/1/2015Ross HoaglandWhat is required for our salvation (according to the Bible)
10/25/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Tribute to Ted Arakelian
10/18/2015Mark DurhamMultiverse: Fiction or Fact?
10/11/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ecclesiastes 1 and 3
10/4/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreach events, blood moons, water on Mars
9/27/2015Mark PerezCritical thinking and logical fallacies
9/20/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Spiritual warefare, cessationism and healings, book of Ecclesiastes
9/13/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Book of Ecclesiastes
9/6/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, metal-free stars, book of Ecclesiastes
8/30/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Bermuda Cruise, Oureaches, new book, vacation, recent discoveries, book of Ecclesiastes
8/16/2015Mark PerezWorldviews (atheism, humanism, agnosticism, universalism), part 3
8/9/2015Mark PerezWorldviews (atheism, humanism, agnosticism, universalism), part 2
8/2/2015Ross HoaglandWhat is sin (self-centeredness), part 2
7/26/2015Ross HoaglandWhat is sin (self-centeredness), part 1
7/19/2015Mark PerezWorldviews (atheism, humanism, agnosticism, universalism)
7/12/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Asteroid rumors, ice age cycles, human migrations, Milky Way galaxy
7/5/2015Ross Hoagland and Mark PerezSupreme Court decision on gay marriage
6/28/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/21/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Recent scientific discoveries, Proverbs 30
6/14/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 30
6/7/2015John DavisAtheism
5/31/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Crows and minds, earthquakes, hurricanes, Proverbs 30
5/17/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 30, Neanderthal tools, ants
5/10/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Nitrogen fixation, climate stability, lumbering and CO2 sequestration, Proverbs 30
5/3/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, agriculture, morality in animals
4/26/2015Ross HoaglandTwenty Reasons Our Churches and Believers Are Less Evangelistic Today
4/19/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 30, oxytocin and bonding between humans and dogs
4/12/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Migration of early modern humans, Proverbs 30
3/29/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Origin of life update, outreaches, Proverbs 30, courtship
3/22/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, myopia epidemic, Proverbs 30
3/15/2015Ross HoaglandEvangelizing. What's Thath?
3/8/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 30, Menopause in Orcas
3/2/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
3/1/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
2/22/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.AMP Conference report, the next coming ice age?
2/15/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Have scientists disproved the Big Bang? (Ali and Das article), Proverbs 8
2/8/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreach events, Proverbs 8
1/25/2015Ross HoaglandDoing Our Faith
1/18/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.The gospel through the Bible
1/11/2015Ross HoaglandChurchless, Part 2
1/4/2015Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Fulfilling the great commission
12/28/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.God's witness to the nations
12/21/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.The case that the new creation will not be a revised Earth
12/14/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Plate tectonics and the origin of the Earth's ice ages
12/7/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Mars trip, Evangelical Theological Society Conference
11/30/2014Ross HoaglandChurchless
11/23/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Apologetics conference, Rosetta Mission, Ice Age benefits
11/16/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ice age benefits
11/9/2014Richard DeemDesigns in Gene Regulation
11/2/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ice ages, recent supernovae
10/26/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ice ages, recent supernovae
10/19/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Recent outreaches, ice ages
10/12/2014Ross HoaglandMaking disciples, part 3
10/6/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Ross HoaglandSkeptics Forum
10/5/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Ross HoaglandSkeptics Forum
9/28/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ants and the silicate cycle
9/21/2014David SargentMacroevolution
9/14/2014Ross HoaglandMaking disciples, part 2
9/7/2014Ross HoaglandMaking disciples
8/31/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Population 3 stars and young earth creationism
8/24/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Scientific discoveries, Psalm 104
8/17/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Role of women in the Church, spiritual gifts
8/10/2014Ross HoaglandShould Women Teach in Church?
8/3/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Latest scientific discovies, outreach events in Canada
7/27/2014Richard DeemUFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens: What are they?YouTube video
7/20/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Scientific discovery, Proverbs 8, Earth's oceans, plate tectonics
7/13/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Scientific discovery, Proverbs 8, habitable zones, Triune God
7/6/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 8, ice ages, climate change
6/29/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 8, Navigating Genesis, Faith and Science Conference: Genesis & Genetics
6/22/2014Ross HoaglandThe Wild Side of God
6/15/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 3, design of our galaxy, late veneer
6/2/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/1/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
5/25/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Proverbs 3, Earth's design for solar luminosity, ice ages
5/18/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147 and 148, ice ages, Earth's minerals
5/11/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147 and 148, ice ages
5/4/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches in Australia
4/27/2014Richard DeemFailures in EvolutionYouTube video
4/13/2014Ross HoaglandThe Wild Side of God
4/6/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.God's Not Dead Movie Review, Psalm 147, frozen water, ice ages
3/30/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Noah Movie, Job 37 Amplification: Ice
3/23/2014Mark DurhamRecent Discoveries in the Lands of the Bible
3/16/2014Richard DeemDesigns in DNAYouTube video
3/9/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.The late veneer (asteroids and earth's mantle)
3/2/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, Jesus as Messiah/God
2/23/2014Ross HoaglandDelighting In The Trinity
2/17/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Ross HoaglandSkeptics Forum
2/16/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Ross Hoagland, Mark PerezSkeptics Forum
2/9/2014Ross HoaglandScience as Worship
2/2/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Sean Carroll vs. Hans Halvorson debate, Psalm 147 and 148, erosion and vascular plants
1/19/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Genesis 2: Ezer, marriage, spiritual warfare
1/12/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Formation of the moon and design of the solar system
1/5/2014Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Asteroid belts and design of the solar system
12/29/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.New design of the Solar System
12/22/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Genesis 2
12/15/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Genesis 2
12/8/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Genesis 2
12/1/2013Richard DeemWhere Young Earth Creationism Gets the Bible Wrong
11/24/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, Genesis 2
11/17/2013Ross HoaglandWhere's the Beef? (Origin of information)
11/10/2013John DavisWhat is the Age of the Universe and Earth?
11/3/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Kepler 78b "Earth-like" planet, low water, low carbon planets?, microbiomes, gut bacteria, and health
10/20/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, young earth creationism
10/13/2013John DavisThe Designed Universe Part 2
10/6/2013John DavisThe Designed Universe Part 1
9/29/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Egyptian record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol, Bible prophecy
9/22/2013Richard DeemBorn Gay? Is Homosexuality Genetic/Biological?Born Gay? Is Homosexuality Genetic/Biological?
9/15/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Kinds of precipitation
9/8/2013Ross HoaglandCollectivism Revisited
9/1/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Burgess Shale and Cambrian Explosion
8/25/2013Ross HoaglandTheistic vs. Naturalistic Model
8/18/2013Ross HoaglandModeling Models
8/11/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Kinds of precipitation: frost
8/4/2013Katie Galloway, Ph.D.Do your genes decide your fate?
7/28/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Greenland ice cores, kinds of precipitation (book of Job)
7/7/2013Richard DeemThe Technological Singularity: Eternal Life for Atheists?The Technological Singularity: Eternal Life for Atheists?
6/30/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Cooling curve of the universe, constancy of physical laws
6/24/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/23/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/16/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Why is the universe so massive?
6/2/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Why is the universe so massive?
5/26/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.How many stars. Why is the universe so massive?
5/19/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Rana/Ruse debate, creation questions
5/12/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.How the number of stars was determined
5/5/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.COBE, WMAP, and Plank satellite results, age of universe
4/28/2013John DavisMormonism - Will Your Salvation Save You? Part B: What The Bible Teaches
4/21/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.RTB expansion, Lungfish and Coelocanths, Kepler 62 and 69 planets, number of stars, Psalm 147
4/14/2013John StothersWorship
4/7/2013John DavisMormonism - Will Your Salvation Save You? Part A: What Mormonism Teaches
3/24/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreach updates, RTB expansion, Psalm 147
3/17/2013Richard DeemGMOs and ChristianityGMOs and Christianity
3/10/2013John DavisWill the Real God Please Stand Up? Part B: What the Bible Teaches
3/3/2013John DavisWill the Real God Please Stand Up? Part A: What Mormonism Teaches
2/25/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
2/24/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
2/17/2013Ross HoaglandNothing is Important
2/10/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Square Kilometre Array, Sandage test, fine tuning, laws of physics
2/3/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147-148, Alan Sandage test for cosmological models
1/27/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Neanderthal-human interbreeding?, Isaiah 7:14, Roman Catholicism, stars and Psalms 147-148
1/20/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147, 148, Non-symbolic Bible references to stars
1/13/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147, 148, Bible references to stars
1/6/2013Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Big Bang Confirmation, cosmology questions, first stars, star of Bethlehem
12/30/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Psalms 147, 148 creation accounts
12/23/2012Mark PerezWhat is a Worldview?
12/16/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.The Trinity, outreach to Jews
12/9/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Dr. Ross recent outreach events
12/2/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Junk DNA
11/25/2012Ross HoaglandMiracles Part 3
11/18/2012Ross HoaglandMiracles Part 2
11/11/2012Ross HoaglandMiracles
11/4/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Marine chemotactic bacteria, Junk DNA
10/29/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
10/28/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
10/21/2012David SargentScientific Method and the Bible Part 2
10/14/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, species evolution, number of species, junk DNA
10/7/2012Mark DurhamBiblical Archeology Part 2 (cont.)
9/30/2012Ross HoaglandUnderstanding Bible Culture
9/23/2012Ross HoaglandHow Does God Relate to the World?
9/16/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches, Islam, Judaism, Messiah, junk DNA
9/9/2012Mark DurhamBiblical Archeology Part 2
9/2/2012Mark DurhamBiblical Archeology Part 1
8/26/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Vitamin C and evolution, radiometric dating, resistance to salvation
8/19/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Alone in the Universe, death before the fall
8/12/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.New Scientific Evidence for God (Lecture at Lake Avenue Church)
8/12/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Dr. Ross's vacation, animals and humans, miscellaneous topics
8/5/2012Dave SargentScientific Method and the Bible
7/29/2012Mark PerezWorldviews
7/22/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Church issues, small extrasolar planets, Chromosome 2 fusion
7/15/2012John DavisTwo Divine Revelations, Part 2
7/8/2012John DavisTwo Divine Revelations, Part 1
7/1/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Chromosome 2 fusion, human genetic diversity
6/24/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
6/17/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Faith-Science Models
6/10/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.7 Truths that Changed the World, distances in the universe, molecular clouds and prebiotics, genetic diversity
6/3/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Outreaches in Great Britain and TBN debate
5/27/2012Ross HoaglandAll This Science- Now What?
5/20/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Ron and Carolyn Klaus, Ethiopian Missionaries, Origin of humanity—Genetic diversity
5/13/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Origin of humanity—Genetic diversity
5/4/2012Ross HoaglandChristian Influence on American Political Thought
4/29/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Origin of humanity—Garden of Eden, genetic diversity
4/22/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Flatness of the universe, Origin of humanity—Garden of Eden
4/15/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.New resource: Age of the Universe video,
4/1/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Habitable planets around M class stars?, Origin of humanity
3/25/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Rocky planet habitability, human origins, Psalm 139
3/18/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Young earth questions and answers
3/11/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Trotter Prize, Nephilim, Adam and Eve
3/4/2012Ross HoaglandIs Christianity good for America?
2/26/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Adam and Eve, biblical genealogies
2/19/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Human origins, death, demons, misc. topics
2/12/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Gifts of the Spirit, zebras & horseflies, design of the solar system planets
2/5/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Methane clathrates, age of accountability
1/29/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Anthropic principle inequality, oxygenation, petroleum
1/22/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.The Universe from Nothing (L. Krauss), formation of rocky planets
1/15/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Anthropic principle inequality-solar flaring, continent locations, oxygen
1/9/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
1/8/2012Hugh Ross, Ph.D.Skeptics Forum
12/18/2011Hugh RossChristopher Hitchens' objections to Christianity
12/11/2011Hugh RossKepler 22b ("Goldilocks" planet), anthropic inequality
12/4/2011Hugh RossStudy: Increased lifespan of religious people, anthropic inequality
11/27/2011Patricia FanningWho Was Adam? Comparison of Young/Old Earth and Theistic Evolution
11/20/2011Hugh RossCyclic universe?, first galaxies, axions, anthropic inequality
11/13/2011Hugh RossTheistic evolution, anthropic inequality
11/6/2011John DavisApologetics approach to salvation
10/30/2011Hugh RossPeter Ward, Anthropic Inequality
10/16/2011Hugh RossOrigin of Life: Anthropic Inequality; Earth's Beginnings
10/2/2011Hugh RossOrdinary-Exotic Dark Matter; Origin of Life: Anthropic Principle
9/25/2011Hugh RossOrigin Of Life: Homo-Erectus; Neutrinos;
9/18/2011Hugh RossOrigin Of Life: Neanderthal; Planets Outside Us; book Rev.: Koran
9/11/2011Hugh RossOrigin of Life: Bipedal: Australopithecus Sediba
9/4/2011Hugh RossJob book Rev.; Brain Science: End of Time; Milky Way Design
8/28/2011Ross HoaglandValues that arose from Christianity
8/21/2011Hugh RossEvolution: Speciation Sub Discipline; Ps 139: Bi-Pedal, Cruise
8/15/2011Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Monday pm
8/14/2011Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Sunday am
8/7/2011Hugh RossOrigin of Life: Bi-Pedal Primates; Earth's 2 Moons, Cruise Report
8/7/2011Hugh RossEarth's 2 Moons; Origin of Life: Bi-Pedal Primates, Cruise Report
7/31/2011P. FanningCritique of Biological Evolutionary Theories
7/24/2011Hugh RossHuman Species: Origin and Development; Trip Reports
7/10/2011John DavisResurrection: Evidence For - part 1-Manuscript & Oral
7/3/2011Richard DeemAre People Good or Evil?
6/26/2011Hugh RossConference Report: In The Beginning
6/19/2011Patricia FanningHumanity's Uniqueness: Embryology
6/12/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Who Jesus Really Was - Part 2
6/5/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Who Jesus Really Was - Part 1
5/29/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin; Sun's Luminosity
5/22/2011Hugh RossApologetics; Nephilim; RTB Anniversary; Rapture 5-21-11
5/15/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Cultural Values: Honor Challenges, Define "Believe"
5/8/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Cultural Values: Limited Good, Envy, Evil Eye
5/1/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin-Man's Spirituality; G. Schroeder;
4/17/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin - Plant Life
4/10/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin; Panspermia
4/3/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin; Interstellar Clouds-Part 2
3/27/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Cultural Values Honor-Shame-Part 4
3/20/2011Hugh RossLife's Origin; Interstellar Clouds
3/13/2011Hugh RossJapan Earthquake; Life's Origin; Meteor
3/6/2011Hugh RossMeteor Bacteria
2/27/2011Hugh RossChina Trip Report
2/20/2011Ross HoaglandBiblical Times: Cultural Values: Honor-Shame-Part 3
2/6/2011Hugh RossEarth: Snowball Earth
1/31/2011Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Monday Evening
1/30/2011Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Sunday
1/23/2011Hugh RossHumanity's Origin
1/16/2011Hugh RossPsalm 139; Sudan Report
1/9/2011Hugh RossSterile Neutrinos
1/2/2011Hugh RossPsalm 139; Life: Elements to Sustain Summary
12/19/2010Hugh RossArsenic Life Found; Titanic Bacteria; Earth's Core
12/12/2010Hugh RossPersian Gulf Civilizations, Garden of Eden, Neanderthal
12/5/2010Ross HoaglandChristianity & Cultural Values - Part 2
11/28/2010Ross HoaglandChristianity & Cultural Values - Part 1
11/21/2010Ross HoaglandNear Death Experiences-Part 2
11/14/2010Hugh RossAngels: God Works w/Angels in Our Lives
11/7/2010Hugh RossApologetics Conference Report
10/31/2010Hugh RossApologetics Conference; Heaven/Salvation Questions
10/24/2010Ross HoaglandNear Death Experiences-Pt.1; Casa de Dios trip
10/17/2010John DavisEvolution: How Present Evidence Against Evolution
10/10/2010Hugh RossSteven Hawking: The Grand Design; Psalm 139
10/10/2010Hugh RossPsalm 139; Steven Hawking: The Grand Design
10/3/2010Hugh RossGoldilocks Planet; How Cannon Decided; Shroud
9/26/2010Hugh RossGod's Sovereignty in Death
9/19/2010Hugh RossCreation Update: Leaf Litter & Forest Fires
9/12/2010Hugh RossSkeptics Forum: Sunday
9/5/2010Hugh RossSteven Hawking: God Did Not Create Universe
8/29/2010Hugh RossCreation Update; Testimonies
8/22/2010Hugh RossSolar System Uniqueness; Galaxy Distant Measurement
8/15/2010Ross HoaglandTime: When did time begin? Implications to Man
8/8/2010Hugh RossUniverse Expansion Rate; Sex Chromosomes
7/25/2010Hugh RossPredestination-pt.5; Ps. 139; Discovery
7/18/2010Hugh RossSperm Whale
7/11/2010Hugh RossPredest-pt-4; Extra Solar Planets; 40 hr. Debate
7/4/2010Mark PerezAnswers to Creationist Nonsense from Scientific American. Mag
6/27/2010Hugh RossPredestination-pt 3; Tozer Seminary, Jupiter
6/13/2010Hugh RossPredestination-pt.2; Ps. 139
6/6/2010Hugh RossPredestination Doctrine-pt.1,Ps. 139, God in Control
5/16/2010Hugh RossNeanderthal pt.2; Nephilim
5/9/2010Hugh RossNeanderthal-Genome Implications
4/25/2010Richard DeemAtheists' Myth # 3: Christianity Invented by PaulGMOs and Christianity
4/18/2010Hugh RossDNA: Why it implies a creator
4/11/2010Hugh RossPhoenix; Jason Lisle Debate, Easter Trip
3/28/2010Hugh RossNeanderthal; New Discoveries,
3/21/2010Richard DeemAtheists' Myth # 2: Jesus' Deity in 4th Century
3/14/2010Hugh RossFree Will, Predestination, Calvin; Ps.139 David background
3/7/2010Hugh RossEarth: Rare, Poisons-part 2; Trips TN, NC
2/28/2010Hugh RossEarth: Rare and Vital Poisons
2/21/2010Hugh RossEarth: Rare Earth
2/14/2010Hugh RossBacteria; Trinidad Trip; I Samuel, Nephilim
2/7/2010Hugh RossCreation Psalm 139; Introduction to Humanity
1/31/2010Hugh RossTrips: DC and Aspen, CO
1/24/2010Ross HoaglandResurrection - part 2, Evidence For
1/17/2010Richard DeemClimategate and Global Warming
1/10/2010Hugh RossPsalm 104; Psalm 139; First Tetrapod
1/3/2010Hugh RossPsalm 104; Extra Solar Planets
12/27/2009Hugh RossPsalm 104, Earth's limited water
12/20/2009Hugh RossAtheists' Debate Errors and Psalm 104
12/13/2009Hugh RossCreation: Big Bang Model Confirm
12/6/2009Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
11/29/2009Richard DeemAtheists' Myths: #1 Biblical Cosmology (PowerPoint)
11/22/2009Ross HoaglandResurrection: Evidence for Resurrection of Jesus
11/15/2009Hugh RossCreation: Ps.104 Epilogue, Global Warming & Cows
11/8/2009Hugh RossDiscovery: Earliest Microfossils
11/1/2009Hugh RossPs. 104, Outreach Update, Neuroactive Steroids
10/25/2009Mark PerezDarwin: What Darwin Didn't Know
10/18/2009Richard DeemEvil: Natural Evil
10/11/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104 and Trip Report
10/4/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104 and Current Events
9/27/2009Hugh RossEvolution: Testing Evolution
9/20/2009Hugh RossKinds: What is 'Kinds' - part 2
9/13/2009MissionsBible Translation in Southern Sudan
9/6/2009Ross HoaglandEvolution: Evolution Of God, Robert Wright, Editorial
8/30/2009Hugh RossHomochirality, Mass Extinction
8/23/2009Hugh RossCreation Update; Super Volcano's
8/16/2009Hugh RossKinds: What is 'Kinds' - part 1
8/9/2009Ross HoaglandOrigin: Bird's Nests, Recipes & the Origin of life
8/2/2009Hugh RossCreation; Small Galaxies
7/12/2009Mark PerezDarwin: What Darwin didn't Know - part 3
7/5/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104, New Discovery, Evolution
6/28/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104, Speciation
6/21/2009Marlene PhilipsThird Race Study - part 3
6/14/2009Hugh RossOrigin of Life, Impact Frustrations
6/7/2009Hugh RossOrigin of Life; 2012 prophecy
5/31/2009Marlene PhilipsThird Race Study - Part 2
5/24/2009Hugh RossFossil: Ida- best preserved fossil of Eocene Era
5/17/2009Dave SargentGenesis 1: Energy
5/10/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104; Trip Reports, New Discovery
5/3/2009Marlene PhilipsThird Race Study - Part 1
4/19/2009Hugh RossHomo erectus dating; Psalm 104
4/5/2009Hugh RossCreation; Nebraska trip
3/29/2009Mark PerezDarwin: What Darwin Didn't Know - part 2
3/22/2009Hugh RossCreation
3/8/2009Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
3/1/2009Mark PerezDarwin: What Darwin Didn't Know
2/22/2009Mark DurhamCell: The Cell's Design
2/15/2009Hugh RossCreation
2/8/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104, Carnivores
2/1/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104
1/25/2009Hugh RossMichael Shermer Response, Psalm 104
1/18/2009Hugh RossDarwin: Year of Darwin
1/11/2009Hugh RossMass of Milky Way Galaxy, Psalm 104
1/4/2009Hugh RossCreation: Psalm 104
12/7/2008Mark DurhamCell Design - part 3
11/30/2008Mark DurhamCell Design - part 2
11/23/2008Mark DurhamCell Design - Introduction - part 1
11/16/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - part 6 Also: Suffering
11/9/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - Part 5 -last 15 minutes only
10/26/2008Dave SargentMars - Research
10/12/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - part 4 Creation Events: Flood
10/5/2008Hugh RossAtheists' Convention
9/28/2008Hugh RossMars
9/21/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - part 3 - Extent of Noah's Flood
9/7/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - part 2 - Noah's Flood
8/31/2008Hugh RossFlood Accounts - part 1 - Psalm 104 (Continued)
8/24/2008Hugh RossCreation - Psalm 104
8/17/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt. 13: Mind of God
8/10/2008Hugh RossVideo - Old Earth-Young Earth Debate -Copyright
7/27/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt. 12: Mind of God
7/20/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt.11: Mind of God
7/13/2008Mark DurhamHumanity: The Spread of Humanity
7/6/2008Video - Hugh RossEarth-Old earth-young earth debate-Ankerberg Show
6/29/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt. 10: Mind of God;
6/22/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt 9: Mind of God; Evolution refuted
6/15/2008Hugh RossMilky Way Galaxy; Trip = Portland OR report
6/8/2008Dave SargentOT - Reliability of Scripture-O.T.
5/18/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt 8: Mind of God; Unique Life Drives
5/11/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 7: Mind of God; Anthropic Inequality
4/13/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 6: Mind of God/mind of man; FL recap
4/6/2008Jeff ZweerinkMultiverse
3/30/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 5: Global vs. World Flood; Neanderthal
3/9/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 4: Seminar at USC
3/2/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 3: Seminar at USC
2/24/2008Hugh RossTrinidad Pt 2: Seminar at USC
2/17/2008Hugh RossTrinidad pt 1: Seminar at USC
2/10/2008Hugh RossPs 104, Solar Twin?
2/3/2008Hugh RossTrinidad: Seminar-University of So. Caribbean Report
1/27/2008Cliff PetersMissionary: Cliff Peters
1/13/2008Hugh RossPs 104, Neanderthal Genome
1/6/2008Hugh RossPs 104, Characteristics of Stars
12/30/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 104 - Part B; Discoveries
12/23/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 104 - Part A; Christmas Star
12/16/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 65 - final segment
12/9/2007Hugh RossEnd Times; Ice ages
12/2/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 65, Plate Tectonics
11/18/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 65, Solar System
11/11/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 65 & other Psalms, Discoveries
11/4/2007Hugh RossCreation Psalm 65, Scientific Information
10/28/2007Dr. Tom EnglishGlobal Warming - Part II Of II
10/21/2007Dr. Tom EnglishGlobal Warming - Part I of II
10/14/2007Hugh RossProphecy-Rebirth of Israel in Ps 33 & 65, Ezek.,
9/30/2007Hugh RossProphecy -Rebirth of Israel in Psalms, Ezek., Jer.
9/23/2007Hugh RossCreation of Universe
9/9/2007Hugh RossPsalm 33, Ezekiel 36 Prophecy, Golda Meir
8/26/2007Hugh RossPsalm 33, Ezekiel 34-Israel Prophecies, Golda Meir
8/19/2007Hugh RossDaniel, Psalm 33, Ezekiel 34
8/12/2007Hugh RossDaniel 10, 11, 12
8/5/2007Al TrusselChina
7/29/2007Hugh RossDaniel 10, 11, 12; Psalm 33
7/22/2007Hugh RossDaniel 10, 11 Prophecies
7/15/2007Hugh RossFree Will, Predestination & Church discipline
7/8/2007Marj HarmonQuantum Mechanics and Reality
7/1/2007Hugh RossDaniel, Psalm 33 v. 7, Job and Stinger debate
6/17/2007Hugh RossYoung Earth, Old Earth
6/10/2007Hugh RossTrips: Japan and North Carolina debate
6/3/2007Dave SargentCults Part 2 0f 2
5/27/2007Dave SargentCults Part 1 0f 2
5/13/2007Hugh RossCreation in Psalm 33
5/6/2007Dave SargentEssentials of Christianity
4/29/2007Hugh RossCreation in Psalm 33; New Planet
4/16/2007Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum (Monday)
4/15/2007Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum
3/25/2007Hugh RossWMAP, Hot Big Bang Model
3/18/2007Hugh RossCreation in the Psalms
3/11/2007Hugh RossGospel in the Psalms
2/18/2007Hugh RossGospel According to Job (Elihu) - Part D
1/28/2007Hugh RossMilky Way Galaxy, Gospel from Job and Elihu
1/21/2007Hugh RossGospel According to Job - Part B
1/14/2007Hugh RossGospel According to Job - Part A
1/7/2007Hugh RossGeneral Revelation - Part M
12/31/2006Hugh RossLaws: The Verbal and Internal Books
12/24/2006Hugh RossLaws: Romans & Conscience
12/17/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part J
12/10/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part H
11/26/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part G
11/19/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part F
11/5/2006Huffey & TragerEvolution: Theistic Evolution Debate -Part 2
10/15/2006Dr. Jamie LewisThe Truth of Islam
10/8/2006Diana CarreReasons To Believe: In's and Out's
10/1/2006Dave SargentWorld Religions
9/25/2006Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (Monday)
9/24/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation: Creation & God's Attributes
9/17/2006Rev. Earl FoxTruth: Nature of Truth
9/10/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation: God's Provision
9/3/2006Hugh RossCreation: God's Provision in Creation
8/20/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part D
8/13/2006Rev. Earl FoxTruth: Value of Truth
8/6/2006Hugh RossCreation in Ecclesiastes
7/30/2006Mark DurhamOrigin of Life
7/9/2006Hugh RossNatural Revelation
6/25/2006Hugh RossCreation in the Psalms
6/18/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part C
6/4/2006Hugh RossCreation in the Psalms
5/28/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part B
5/21/2006Hugh RossGeneral Revelation Part A
5/14/2006Hugh RossCreation: Reliability of Creation
4/30/2006Jeff ZwerinkSkeptics Forum
4/23/2006Hugh RossW-Map Update
4/9/2006Hugh RossCreation Update, recovery from mass extinctions, Psalm 19
3/26/2006Hugh RossIntelligent Design Testable Model - Part 2 of 3
3/19/2006Hugh RossIntelligent Design Testable Model - Part 1 of 3
3/5/2006Mark PerezDarwinism - Neo-Darwinism
2/19/2006Hugh RossDarwinist Conference
2/12/2006Ross HoaglandIntelligent Design Information
2/5/2006Hugh RossPsalm 8
1/29/2006Hugh RossScientific Discoveries
1/15/2006Hugh RossAge Of The Universe
1/8/2006Hugh RossAnkerberg Debate Review
12/18/2005Hugh RossStellar Design; Old Music
12/11/2005Hugh RossJob 40-42 (end of Job)
11/27/2005Hugh RossDesign: Intelligent Design
11/20/2005Dr. Earle FoxKnowledge: How We Know What We Know-Pt.2 of 2
11/13/2005Hugh RossEulogy of Rick Smalley
11/6/2005Dr. Earle FoxKnowledge: How We Know What We Know-Pt.1 of 2
10/30/2005Mark DurhamHominids to Humans Part 2 of 2
10/23/2005Mark DurhamHominids Part 1 of 2
10/16/2005Hugh RossDesign: Refuting Bad Design
10/9/2005Hugh RossDesign: Bad Design
10/2/2005Merry EverestFilms: How Christians Can Watch Films
9/25/2005Hugh RossThe Physics of Sin
9/18/2005Dave SargentMormonism
9/12/2005Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Monday - low volume
9/11/2005Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Sunday
9/4/2005Hugh RossEvolution; Al Trussell Update
8/28/2005Jeff ZweerinkTestimony; New Discoveries
8/21/2005Hugh RossJob 38; Metaphors
8/14/2005John TragerCreation: Calibration - (Part 2)
8/7/2005Hugh RossJob 38: Metaphors
7/31/2005Hugh RossNew Planet Discovery
7/31/2005Mark PerezWhy Christians Need Science
7/24/2005John TragerCreation: 6 Days of Creation (Part 1)
7/17/2005Hugh RossNew Scientific Discoveries
7/17/2005Hugh RossWho Was Adam?
7/10/2005Hugh RossJob 38-41; New Discoveries
6/26/2005Hugh RossJob 40
6/19/2005Hugh RossEurope Report
6/5/2005Hugh RossJob 40
5/29/2005Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (Sunday Eve)
5/15/2005Hugh RossOrigins of Life
5/8/2005Hugh RossJob 39
5/1/2005Krista BontragerDNA vs. The Book of Mormon DNA vs. Book of Mormon video
4/24/2005Dave SargentMormonism & New Age
4/17/2005Hugh RossJob 39; Birds
4/10/2005Hugh RossJob 39
4/3/2005Hugh RossJob 38-42; New Discoveries
2/27/2005Fazale RanaOrigin of Life
2/20/2005Hugh RossNew Discoveries; Update: Willow Creek Church
2/13/2005Hoagland/ PerezCreation Model
2/6/2005Hugh RossJob 39, UC Davis; New Discoveries
1/30/2005Hugh RossJob 39 ('Donkeys'), Sulfur bacteria
1/23/2005Richard DeemDNA - Junk DNA
1/17/2005Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (MONDAY)
1/16/2005Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (SUNDAY)
1/9/2005Mark PerezCreation Model
1/2/2005Hugh RossJob 39 (begin); Soulish Animals
12/19/2004Hugh RossThe Christmas Star
12/12/2004Hugh RossCreation Timeline
12/5/2004Hugh RossDarkness
11/28/2004Hugh RossJob 38
11/21/2004Hugh RossJob 38:1-9; Travel Updates
11/14/2004Dr. Mike PhillipsElection: Post Election - 2004
11/7/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Scientific Discoveries
10/31/2004Andrea SenfResurrection: Historical Evidence for
10/24/2004Hugh RossJob 38: the First Question; Travels and Media
10/17/2004Al TrusselChinese Culture & Education
10/3/2004John Knight & Rich DeemThe Soul - Part 2 of 3
9/26/2004Michele MischeThe Soul - Part 1 of 3
9/19/2004Hugh RossTravel Update on Dr. Ross's recent trips
9/12/2004Hugh RossJob 38
9/5/2004Hugh RossAstronomy News
8/30/2004Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum (Monday PM)
8/29/2004Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum (Sunday AM)
8/22/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Gas Planets
8/15/2004Hugh RossJob 38
8/8/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Near Death Experiences
8/1/2004Hugh RossJob 38
7/25/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Parasites
7/18/2004Hugh RossJob 38
7/11/2004Hugh RossJob 38: Days 4-6
7/4/2004Hugh RossJob 38
6/20/2004Hugh RossJob 38: Ice Layers
6/13/2004Hugh RossCreation and Dark Matter
6/6/2004Hugh RossUniverse: Age of; "A Matter of Days";
5/30/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Psalm 104; Dark Energy
5/24/2004Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (Part 1 of 2)
5/24/2004Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (Part 2 of 2)
5/23/2004Hugh RossCreation and Early Bombardments
5/16/2004Hugh RossSupernovas & the Flood throughout the Bible
5/9/2004Hugh RossSkeptics Forum (2 tapes)
5/2/2004Hugh RossJob 38; Redwood Trees and Shrimp
4/25/2004Hugh RossJob 37; Water Cycle
4/18/2004Hugh RossJob 37; Weather
3/28/2004Hugh RossJob 37, Purpose #5
3/21/2004Mark PerezNatural Revelation; Purpose # 4
3/14/2004Hugh RossScience Updates; Purpose # 3 by Marlene Philips
3/7/2004Hugh RossJob 36-37; Rain & Water; Purpose 2 by Hoagland
2/29/2004Krista BontragerThe Passion movie and 1st purpose of 40 days
2/15/2004Hugh RossJob 36:22ff; Recent Discoveries
2/8/2004Mark PerezPhilosophy of Science & Religion
2/1/2004Hugh RossTravels Update and Mars
1/25/2004Ross HoaglandEarth: Old vs. Young Earth
1/18/2004Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
1/13/2004Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Tuesday Evening
1/11/2004Dr. Mark ClarkWar, Peace and Christianity
1/4/2004Hugh RossMars
12/28/2003Hugh RossCreation- Predictions From the Model
12/21/2003Hugh RossIntelligent Design II
12/14/2003Hugh RossIntelligent Design survey II
12/7/2003Hugh RossIntelligent Design survey I
11/30/2003Hugh RossIntelligent Design I
11/23/2003Hugh RossJob 36; Intelligent Design Convention
11/16/2003Wes RingerJesus as Seen by His Peers
11/9/2003Hugh RossSuffering: On the Problem of Suffering
11/2/2003Hugh RossWisconsin Art Bell Conference
10/26/2003Krista BontragerGenealogies in the Bible
10/19/2003Krista BontragerFlood: Global or Local?
10/12/2003Hugh RossJob 36:13-25; & Evangelize Jews
10/5/2003Hugh RossJob 36; Witnessing Tips
9/28/2003Hugh RossJob 36:13-21
9/21/2003Hugh RossSkeptics forum
9/14/2003Kathy RossGod's Messengers, Part 3 of 3
9/7/2003Hugh RossJob; Mars Update, More on Job
8/31/2003Kathy RossGod's Messengers, Part 2 of 3
8/17/2003Dave SargentMormons
8/3/2003Hugh RossAge of Universe; Hypernovas
7/20/2003Hugh RossJob 36; Methuselah Planet
7/13/2003Hugh RossHow Natural Revelation Calls People to Repent
6/29/2003Wes RingerGender Inclusive Bible Translations
6/22/2003Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum
6/15/2003Hugh RossJob 36; Earthquakes, Scientific Discoveries
6/8/2003Hugh RossJob 36:
6/1/2003Hugh RossNew Scientific Discoveries
5/25/2003Hugh RossJob 36: Water Cycle
5/18/2003Hugh RossRecent Scientific Discoveries
5/11/2003Hugh RossDesign of Earth
5/4/2003Krista BontragerWorld Religions: Scientific Evaluation
4/27/2003Hugh RossJob 38; Psalm 104; Washington Trip
4/13/2003Marj HarmonCreation Model: Testable Creation Model - II
4/6/2003Hugh RossJob 38
3/30/2003Hugh RossJob 34
3/16/2003Hugh RossJob 38; Recent Scientific Discovers;
3/9/2003Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum
3/2/2003Frank PastoreKingdom Living
2/23/2003Hugh RossSymbiosis
2/16/2003Hugh RossJob 40; Science Update;
2/9/2003Hugh RossJob 40-41; Leviathans
2/2/2003Hugh RossJob 40-41; History Channel Report;
1/26/2003Hugh RossMetaphors and Job 40
1/19/2003Hugh RossMetaphors in the Bible
1/12/2003Hugh RossNew Scientific Discoveries
1/5/2003Hugh RossPolarized Cosmic Radiation; Discoveries
12/29/2002Hugh RossScientific Discoveries; Cloning; Mormons
12/22/2002Hugh RossChristmas Star
12/15/2002Wes RingerN.T. Textual Criticism (John 1:18)
12/1/2002Hugh RossScientific Discoveries
11/24/2002Hugh RossJob 34
11/7/2002Hugh RossJob 33 - How God Teaches Us
10/27/2002Hugh RossJob 33 - How God Teaches Us
10/20/2002Hugh RossScientific Discoveries; Recent Trip Updates
10/13/2002Hugh RossScience Education in Public School
10/5/2002Krista Bontrager
9/29/2002Hugh RossScientific Discoveries, Magnates
9/22/2002Perez/HoaglandFree Will Vs. Predestination Debate
9/15/2002Hugh RossGenealogical and Theological Record of Man
9/8/2002Hugh RossJob 9, Job 33
9/1/2002Hugh RossStar Party Preview; Quantized Red Shifts
8/25/2002Hugh RossCosmological Constants- Paper in Nature
8/18/2002Hugh RossJob 9 - God's Intervention
8/11/2002Hugh RossCambridge Conference
7/28/2002Fuz RanaCreation Design - Biochemical Evidence
7/21/2002Krista BontragerMovies: How To Watch A Movie
7/14/2002Frank PastoreChristians & Politics
7/2/2002Hugh RossCreation: Origins of Life International Conference; Mexico
6/30/2002John TragerBotany, drought plants; Testimony
6/23/2002Hugh RossIsrael & Prophesies - Part 3; Dinosaur Discoveries
6/16/2002Hugh RossIsrael & Prophesy- Part 2
6/9/2002Hugh RossIsrael & Prophesy & Current Events - Part 1
6/2/2002Hugh RossStars & God's Revelation; Eternity
5/25/2002Wes RingerHeroes & Heretics in the Second Century Church
5/19/2002Hugh RossScientific Discoveries; Star Patterns
5/12/2002Hugh RossCurrent Topics; New Paradoxes
5/5/2002Hugh RossStars
4/28/2002Hugh RossStars
4/14/2002Hugh RossCreation: Origin of Life
4/7/2002Hugh RossHugh's Testimony; "Sun" in Scripture - part 1
3/24/2002Hugh RossMichael Shermer, for VM report; New Discoveries
3/17/2002Hugh RossMichael Shermer, Preview of HR presentation
3/10/2002Hugh RossJob 9:8; Mars
3/3/2002Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Part 1 of 2
3/3/2002Hugh RossSkeptics Forum - Part 2 of 2
2/24/2002Hugh RossStorms & Clouds
2/17/2002Hugh RossPlate Tectonics, V
2/10/2002Hugh RossPlate Tectonics, IV
2/3/2002Hugh RossPlate Tectonics, Part III
1/27/2002Hugh RossPlate Tectonics, Part II
1/20/2002Hugh RossPlate Tectonics, Part I
1/13/2002Hugh RossWise Men Quiz - Part 2
1/6/2002Hugh RossWise Men Quiz - Part 1
12/30/2001Dr. David DePewMuslims
12/23/2001Hugh RossScientific Discoveries
12/16/2001Hugh RossJob 9: Starting Job
12/9/2001Hugh RossJob 9; Creation
12/2/2001Hugh RossOrigins of Life -Part 2 of 2
11/25/2001Hugh RossOrigin of Life - Part 1 of 2
11/18/2001Hugh RossMeteors; Science Updates, Abraham
11/11/2001Dr. Don GrayEvangelism
11/4/2001Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 1 of 2
11/4/2001Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 2 of 2
10/28/2001Hugh RossGen. 11 & the Diverse Races
10/21/2001Hugh RossGen. 11: Globalization: Latest Discoveries
10/14/2001Hugh RossPBS Evolution Series Commentary
10/7/2001Hugh RossEconomics - Part 2
9/30/2001Mike PhilipsThe Economic System - Part 1
9/23/2001Hugh RossGod's Plan-Man messes up, God fixes it
9/16/2001Hugh RossProphesies
9/9/2001Hugh RossGen. 11- Importance of Economic Competition
9/2/2001Hugh RossThermal Luminescence Dating
8/26/2001Hugh RossGen. 11: Tower of Babel Significance
8/19/2001Hugh RossLife in Space-Astrobiology; New Discoveries
8/12/2001Wes RingerHow the Bible Came to Us - Part 2
8/5/2001Wes RingerHow the Bible Came to Us - Part 1
7/29/2001Hugh RossGenesis 11: 1-3 Building of Tower of Babel
7/22/2001Mark PerezEvangelism Experience
7/15/2001Hugh RossGenesis 11: Expanding Universe Conflict
7/8/2001PanelRTB Conference: Panel Philips, Ringer, Stewart, Perez
7/1/2001Tom LeslieCreation: Going through 16 accounts of Creation
6/24/2001Hugh RossCreation Models of Bible
6/17/2001Hugh RossPatten: Paradise-Paradise lost-better than Paradise
6/10/2001Hugh RossPetroleum International Report
6/3/2001Hugh RossFuller's Update
5/27/2001Hugh RossGenesis 11 & Supernova dates
5/20/2001Hugh RossNew Scientific Discoveries
5/13/2001Hugh RossProphesies About Israel's Re-establishment - tape 1
5/13/2001Hugh RossProphesies About Israel's Re-establishment - tape 2
5/6/2001Hugh RossGenesis 10: Tracking Mankind
4/29/2001Hugh RossExodus - True Story?
4/22/2001Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 1 of 2
4/22/2001Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 2 of 2
4/15/2001Hugh RossGenesis 10; Radio report
4/8/2001Ross HoaglandFounding Fathers - part 3 (Church and State)
4/1/2001Ross HoaglandFounding Fathers - part 2 (US Christian Roots)
3/25/2001Hugh RossGen 10: Shem, Ham, Japheth's genealogies
3/18/2001Ross HoaglandFounding Fathers & Religion - Part 1
3/11/2001Hugh RossNew Scientific Discoveries
3/4/2001Hugh RossGenesis 9 & 10
2/25/2001Hugh RossGenesis 9: Canaan's Curse, Life Spans, Racial Diversity
2/18/2001Hugh RossQuote "Change Matters"
2/11/2001Hugh RossFinishing Genesis 9 - curse
2/4/2001Hugh RossWine - New Testament discussion
1/28/2001Hugh RossRecent Scientific Issues
1/21/2001Hugh RossConsuming Alcohol; Blasphemy
1/14/2001Hugh RossAlcohol, Genesis 9
1/7/2001Hugh RossRaising Issues In Genesis 9
12/31/2000Hugh RossCreation - Gen 9, psalm 104, Gen 2
12/10/2000Hugh RossQ & A; New Discoveries
11/19/2000Hugh RossEvidence for Extinction of Birds - Gen 9
11/12/2000Hugh RossBible Reading: Systematically; Orme Report
10/29/2000Hugh RossLogical Reasoning _ Part 1
10/22/2000Hugh RossSpace Germs - Gen 9; Orme Report
10/15/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty and Murder - Gen 9, -Part 6 of 6
10/8/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty - Maximum & Minimum - Pt 5 of 6
10/1/2000Hugh RossScopes Trial Reenactment
9/24/2000Mark PerezCapital Punishment and Law & Government
9/17/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty - Part 4 of 6
9/10/2000Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 1 of 2
9/10/2000Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 2 of 2
9/3/2000Hugh RossCreation Debate 2000 - Overview
8/27/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty - Gen 9 - Pt 3 of 6; Japan Trip
8/20/2000Fuz RanaDNA Discoveries
8/13/2000Marj HarmonOld Earth vs. Young Earth Report on Ken Ham
8/12/2000Fuz RanaNeanderthal DNA
8/6/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty - Part 2 of 6; New Planets
7/30/2000Dave SargentCults (Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses)
7/23/2000Hugh RossEarth: Filling The Earth - Gen 9
7/9/2000Hugh RossDeath Penalty - Part 1 of 6
7/2/2000Hugh RossCreation Conference; Water on Mars
6/18/2000Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 1 of 2
6/18/2000Hugh RossSkeptic's Forum - Part 2 of 2
6/11/2000Hugh RossBlood Sacrifice - Gen 9; Japan trip
6/4/2000Hugh RossFood allowed by God - Gen 9
5/28/2000Hugh RossEarth Beginning of Population growth - Gen 9
5/14/2000Hugh RossCreation: Eternality of creation - Gen 8:22
5/7/2000Ross HoaglandFaith on Trial (Part 1 of 2)
5/7/2000Ross HoaglandFaith on Trial (Part 2 of 2)
4/30/2000Hugh RossFlat Universe Evidence
4/23/2000Hugh RossAge of Accountably
4/16/2000Hugh Ross Latest Discoveries In Astron., 36 planets
4/9/2000Hugh RossApologists' Forum
4/2/2000Hugh RossEarth: Humanity's Spread - Gen 9
3/26/2000Hugh RossFlood - post flood events - Gen 8
3/19/2000Fuz RanaPsalm 104
3/12/2000Hugh RossFlood Account Issues
3/5/2000Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
2/27/2000 Wes RingerActs 10 & 11
2/20/2000Hugh RossRare Earth Book discussion
2/20/2000Hugh RossScopes Trial Reenactment
2/5/2000Hugh RossGenealogies; Gas Theory
1/25/2000Hugh RossFlood
1/19/2000Hugh RossFlood of Noah - Gen 9
1/16/2000Hugh RossEarth 'Snow-Balls'
1/2/2000Hugh RossMiddle Age Universe Canopy Theories
12/26/1999Hugh Ross
12/12/1999Hugh Ross
12/5/1999Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
11/21/1999Hugh Ross
11/14/1999Hugh Ross
11/7/1999Hugh Ross
10/31/1999Hugh Ross
10/24/1999Hugh Ross
10/10/1999Hugh Ross
9/26/1999Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
9/19/1999Hugh Ross
9/12/1999Hugh RossSermon in SMCC
9/5/1999Hugh Ross
8/15/1999Hugh Ross
8/1/1999Hugh Ross
7/18/1999Hugh RossReport on Origins of Life Conference
7/11/1999Hugh Ross
7/4/1999Hugh Ross
6/27/1999Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
6/20/1999Hugh Ross
6/13/1999Hugh Ross
5/16/1999Hugh Ross
5/9/1999Hugh Ross
5/2/1999Hugh Ross
4/25/1999Hugh Ross
4/18/1999Hugh Ross
3/28/1999Hugh RossSkeptics Forum
3/21/1999Hugh Ross
3/14/1999Hugh Ross
2/28/1999Hugh Ross
2/21/1999Hugh Ross
2/14/1999Hugh Ross
1/31/1999Hugh Ross
1/24/1999Hugh Ross
1/17/1999Hugh Ross
1/10/1999Hugh Ross
1/3/1999Hugh Ross
6/29/1997Hugh Ross
6/22/1997Hugh Ross
6/15/1997Hugh Ross
6/1/1997Hugh Ross
5/25/1997Hugh Ross
5/11/1997Hugh Ross
5/4/1997Hugh Ross
4/27/1997Hugh Ross
4/20/1997Hugh Ross
4/13/1997Hugh Ross
4/6/1997Hugh Ross
3/30/1997Hugh Ross
3/16/1997Hugh Ross
3/9/1997Hugh Ross
3/2/1997Hugh Ross
2/23/1997Hugh Ross
2/9/1997Hugh Ross
2/2/1997Hugh Ross
1/25/1997Hugh Ross
1/19/1997Hugh Ross
1/12/1997Hugh Ross
1/5/1997Hugh Ross

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  2. Daniel's Appeals*
  3. The Death Penalty*
  4. End Times Prophecy*
  5. Free Will, Predestination, Eternal Security and the Decision Making Process
  6. Gifts of the Holy Spirit*
  7. How The Bible Came To Us
  8. Israel: a Modern Miracle* (contained in ‘End Times Prophecy’ above)
  9. Muslim Awareness Seminar
  10. Our Founding Fathers & Religion
  11. Prophecy and the Soviet Union
  12. Revelation*
    *by Hugh Ross


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